Frequently Asked Questions

I’m coming alone, will I be wandering around with nothing to do all weekend?
No! AireCon is a friendly, welcoming and inclusive event and there’s loads of ways to meet others and play games. Have a look on the Play page for ways to find games. The participation events we hold at AireCon are also a great way of meeting others. Have a look at the Events page for more information.

Is AireCon an accessible event?
Yes, the convention is fully accessible. More information is available on the Accessibility page.

How do I use the Bring n Buy?
The Bring n Buy is a great way of selling games that you’re done with in order to make room for new games! If you want to sell games, you’ll need to register them on the G.A.M.E system in advance. Instructions on how to do that are on the Bring n Buy page. If you’re wanting to browse games that are available to buy, just head to the Bring n Buy area, but please be aware that, due to the popularity of the Bring n Buy, there may be a queue of around 15 minutes to get in at peak times.

Are there any quiet spaces I can retreat to?
Whilst AireCon is a chilled out and relaxed convention, it can still get pretty bustling at peak times. If you’re looking for quieter spaces, there is a dedicated quiet gaming area in the Queen’s Suite and Hall D, the balcony and lobby areas also tend to be quieter.

How do I identify members of the AireCon team?
The AireCrew are easy to identify as on-duty members will be wearing bright yellow t-shirts with the AireCon logo on front and back, they will also say AireCrew on the front. The AireCon organising team will be wearing black shirts or t-shirts with the AireCon logo on the front.

What are AireCon’s nominated charities?
For AireCon 5 the nominated charities were Christians Against Poverty and The Miscarriage Association. When we have our nominated charities for the next event we will make an announcement on our social media pages, as well as updating the information here.

How do I find the entrance to AireCon?
You can access AireCon through Entrances 2 and Entrance 3 of the Harrogate Convention Centre, both are on Kings Road, more information is on the Location page.

Do you have a code of conduct?
Yes, it is listed along with our other policies on the Policies page.

Can I reserve a table to play a game?
We are unable to reserve tables, but there’s always plenty of space for everyone. If you need a larger table for the game you’d like to play, please use one of the large round tables in Hall Q.

Is WiFi available?
Yes, public WiFi is available without the need to register, just connect to Venue WiFi and follow the steps on screen.

Do you have charging points for mobile devices?
We don’t currently have charging facilities, so would recommend bringing a charging pack if you intend on using your device a lot.