AireCon caters for all types of gamer, regardless of who they are and what their experience is with gaming. We aim to be inclusive and anyone that can adhere to the simple, but fundamental, rules set out below is welcome. These rules also apply to any online sites and forums.

We're pretty relaxed here at AireCon, but there are a few things we ask:

  • Respect each other and people’s chosen pronouns

  • Don’t use language that might make others feel uncomfortable, if in doubt, don’t say it

  • Keep on top of your personal hygiene, there are refresh stations in each of the toilets to help with this

  • If you would like to take a picture of someone, please ask first

If you're in doubt, remember Bill & Ted's law, 'Be excellent to each other'. If you see something or are part of a situation where someone else clearly feels uncomfortable, please speak out, or, if you don't feel able to, come and speak to us.

If you need help or would like to raise something with a member of the AireCon team, simply head to the ticket desk and ‘Ask for Angela’.

As long as you can adhere to these simple rules you're our kind of person, otherwise AireCon might not be for you and may result in you being asked to leave the convention.



To attend AireCon you just need to have a ticket for the days you wish to attend. Pre-order a ticket through the ticket shop and collect it on the door, or purchase a ticket on the door. You must have your ticket with you at all times, failure to produce one when asked could result in you being refused access to the show or being asked to leave. If you lose your ticket please let us know at soon as possible as we may be able to resolve the situation for you.


Security and safety


We want to ensure your safety at AireCon, but we want to make sure this is done with as little disruption as possible. Checks will be done on any bags/boxes/suitcases that are brought into the venue, they will be done by trained SIA staff in as unobtrusive a way as possible. They will only be looking for things that might be a danger to others and will ask you if they'd like anything to be removed.


We strive to create a fun, friendly and welcoming environment at AireCon, where everyone feels safe. With this aim in mind we operate a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, discrimination and abuse. Any perpetrators will be asked to leave AireCon and, where appropriate, will be reported to the authorities. See below for details on how to report an issue.


If you, or someone near you, needs assistance we will have a trained first aider on site at all times, see below for details about how to contact them.


To report an issue of harassment or general safety please speak to one of the AireCon organising staff who will be wearing black shirts with the AireCon logo on the front. In the case that you cannot locate a member of AireCon staff, please speak to an on duty member of the AireCrew volunteer team who will be wearing yellow shirts with the AireCon logo on the front and back. They will be able to contact a member of the organising team.

If at any time you are feeling unsafe or being made to feel uncomfortable please go to the ticket desk and 'Ask for Angela' and a member of the team will be able to get you assistance




Please do not flyer the tables, stick up posters or engage in any other promotional activities without prior, explicit, permission of an AireCon director. There is a designated flyer zone near the library where you can leave a stack of flyers. Any illicit promotional material will be disposed of and anyone found to be engaging in these activities may be asked to leave the convention.


The Bring n Buy service is provided for people to be able to sell games and purchase second-hand games, more information on how to use the service can be found on the Bring n Buy page.

We do our best to keep your games secure, but all items are left at the seller’s risk and we cannot be held responsible for lost property or damaged items.
You must pick up any cash and/or unsold games at the Bring n Buy before is closes on the final day of the convention, any leftover cash or money will be donated as we see fit.

All items are sold as seen, but we will provide a place for you to check the game(s) before you purchase them, we are unable to process any refunds or exchanges on sold items.


We use cookies to improve the experience of using our website, but will only do this if you agree, otherwise no information will be collected.

We will collect your information if you pre-order a ticket through our ticket shop. This is hosted by Ticket Tailor, who will store your information in accordance with their privacy policy. We will not use your information for marketing purposes unless you give explicit permission to be added to our mailing list. AireCon will not pass your information on to third parties. Any emails sent will only be in relation to information about your attendance of AireCon.

We will only add your email address to our mailing lists with your explicit, opt in, permission. This will be held by MailChimp according to their privacy policy. At any time you may unsubscribe from our mailing lists by clicking the unsubscribe link in emails you receive from us.

If you wish to use the G.A.M.E System, which grants access to sell items at the Bring n Buy and borrow games from the Library, we will require certain information such as email address and phone number. We will hold this information from when you provide it until two weeks after AireCon has finished to be able to contact you in relation to these services. We will not use this information for marketing purposes and will delete any personal information held at this point.