AireCon provides plenty of space and opportunity to play games with others. This page details all the ways you can find others to game with as well as how to use the games library.



We welcome groups of all sizes as well as catering for individuals with our 'AireFlags' and ‘AireBalloons’. If you see one of these at a table, there's a game that needs more players!

If you're looking for others to game with head over to our Gameseekers area where you can arrange or find a game.

Balloons - means a game looking for more gamers, black is up to 2 hours, white is over 2 hours
Flags - means a game looking for more players
Stickers - means a gamer looking for a game, wear one if you’d like to be invited to join games

You might also consider attending one of our events, as they're a great way to meet new people.



OPEN: 10am-11pm Friday and Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday

We have partnered with Travelling Man to bring you a huge library of over 500 games that you can borrow from for free throughout the event. Just grab a Library Card and leave your phone number and a deposit of £10 that you'll get back when you've finished borrowing games. All games must be returned by 6pm on Sunday.

You can even borrow games to play overnight on Friday and Saturday.

We will have a full list of games in the library available closer to the event, more information will be listed here.



OPEN: 10am-6pm Fri & Sat, 10am-4pm Sun

We have the Family Zone run by Imagination Gaming, that promises lots of great games for children of all ages, including giant versions of games. Youth tickets are half price and kids tickets are free!

They’ll also be running school events on the Friday of AireCon. If your child goes to a school nearby and you’d be interested in their class attending, please get in touch with Nigel for details: