Volunteer policies

As well as the general attendee policies, volunteers should read and adhere to the following policies.


Whilst on shift members of the AireCrew should wear their yellow AireCrew tshirts. You will be given one for each day that you have shifts and should wear a fresh one each day. Please return all tshirts by the end of your last shift.

Only wear your tshirt whilst on duty, making sure to take it off or cover it up when you are on breaks or off-shift.


The Bring n Buy will be open for one hour before and one hour after the public hours for volunteers to check-in, browse and buy games. Volunteers are not permitted to save items that are being checked in to the Bring n Buy whilst it is open to the public.


A crew room will be made available for the duration of the convention for all members of the AireCrew and the GMs. You are able to leave personal belongings in this room, but it is done so at your own risk. Members of the general public are not permitted to access this room.