Sponsoring AireCon will mean we can work together to make the event even better! All income raised from sponsorship goes directly towards improving AireCon, ensuring our attendees have lots of fun and at the same time raising the profile of your company.

If you are interested in sponsoring AireCon or would like more information please contact Mark;


As well as specific rewards, all sponsors receive;

Listing as a sponsor in the AireCon programme
Listing as a sponsor on the AireCon website
Full page advert in the AireCon programme (A6 size)
Targeted mailshot to go out at an agreed time
A post across all AireCon social media platforms


Five available, three remaining

Coming on board as a Major Sponsor provides a great opportunity to raise your profile. You will receive all the sponsorship rewards listed above as well as;

Your logo on the front page of the AireCon website
Your logo on the cover of the AireCon programme
Listed as a Major Sponsor in the programme and on the website
Your logo on all printed material that goes to print after you come on board
Your logo on headers of official social media pages
Up to four stand up banners in key areas around the AireCon venue

The Tabletopper
400 available
£10 = 1 table

Tabletopper Sponsorship allows us to put a cover on the tables with cloth for a better gaming experience.

You will have a double sided A5 landscape advert on each table you sponsor that will be replenished daily.

Requires 10 tables to be sponsored to qualify for the Sponsorship Rewards.

The Lanyarder
Up to 10 available
£150 = 100 lanyards
£250 = 300 lanyards
£300 = 500 lanyards

Your logo will appear alongside the AireCon logo on the lanyards.
These will also be used for future events.  

Bring n Buy Champions
1 available

Our Bring n Buy is a highlight for many attendees and a great place to grab a bargain. As such it's mega-busy! The paper system is under strain, so we'd love to digitise the process. Sponsoring the Bring n Buy will allow us to fund the development of a bespoke system.

In return, as well as the Sponsorship Rewards we'll refer to it as 'Bring n Buy sponsored by Your Company' wherever it is mentioned.

Tuck Shop Heroes
1 available

We want to continue to make AireCon an affordable and enjoyable experience for our attendees. By sponsoring the Tuck Shop you'll be subsidising the cost of the goodies to keep the prices down for the attendees.

As well as the standard Sponsorship Rewards we'll refer to it as 'Tuck Shop sponsored by Your Company' wherever it is mentioned.

The AireCupper
2 available
£250 = 250 mugs

Your logo will appear alongside the AireCon logo on the AireCups. AireCups are available for attendees to purchase and give discounted refills on hot drinks.

Attendees take the mugs home and show them off proudly!

RPG Zone
1 available

Your company logo on banners around the RPG Zone as well as above the entrance to the RPG Marquee, the place where players sign up to game.

It will be known as the 'Your company RPG Zone'.

The Eventer
Limited availability

At AireCon the emphasis is on fun!

We will consider any ideas, events or tournaments that you'd like to hold at AireCon. We will provide the space and furniture, leaving the event logistics up to you.

Your event will be listed in the programme on the events page. Sceduling will be decided by the AireCon organisers.

The Programmer
2 available

Providing a full colour programme for each one of our attendees.

As well as the regular sponsorship rewards your advert will be increased in size to A5 landscape and will be place on the inside of the cover (front or back)

If you are interested in sponsoring AireCon, or would like any more information, please contact Mark;